Maintaining areas harmonious with the natural environment
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ear spot and kindled a fire agai

nst my back. Then the medicine-men began to scarify my flesh with blunt instruments. "A great hole was then dug in the ground, which I concluded was

ods, and a

to be my burial-place. In this excavat

ion a fire was kept up until the ground was heated to its utmost extent, when the embers and ashes were scra

s I observ

ped out. Several layers of damp mud

were immediately plastered over this fiery furnace. I was then placed within it, and covered with mud, my head alo

ed one Ind

ne protruding. For thirty-six hours I

endured the torture of escaping steam, after which they carried me back to my lair in the camp more dead than alive, where I lingered on i

ian carryi
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ng fire, ano


n agony, praying that every day might be my last. I began to wonder where the limit of human endurance could be found, and was led to view the situation philosophically. Why had Infinite Love placed me in such environment? Was it to appear as a witness for Him who had said, 'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do?' Was it to bring the light of the Gospel to the Red Knives? "Month after month


I lay in the wigwam, surrounded by the children of the natives, who in summer were dressed in the uniform which the Creator had given them, wi


th dangling necklaces or armlets to decorate them. I soon acquired sufficient knowledge of their language to be able to converse with


them. After years of teaching they at length began to regard me with feelings of superstition and awe, and one day the Chief proposed a change

ther an ax